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06.01.2011 - Update: Disc, Merch

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06.01.2011 - Exit Terra out now!!
A 7" entitled Exit Terra is out now through Folter Records.

. Containing two songs, this EP is strictly limited to 500 copies(100 on blue vinyl and 400 on black), so to be sure to get hold on a copy, order directly from

As you might have heard there's also been some line up changes... Sarkom's live musicians have now joined the band as permanent members! You can see some new promo pictures taken by Polina "Helvete" Kulikovskikh here. Even though this is the band from now on, the new 7" is performed by the "old" line up, as these songs were recorded over two years ago.

In other news, we are still working on new material for our third album, and hopefully we will start recording it this winter! As some of Sarkom's members are more than busy with other bands and projects, we can't set a certain date for the recording at this point. So even though it's been a long time since our last album, it will hopefully be worth the wait. Meanwhile, make sure to get a copy of Exit Terra!

30.05.2010 - New shirt from Razamataz!
Razamataz has just printed a new Sarkom shirt! To order visit

After our last tour, we still have some of the logo/precision in pure darkness t-shirts left (black, white and brown), and we are now selling them for 8 Euros! All orders will also include a Sarkom patch! See the merch section.

**For Norge: 100 kr inkl. porto for logo t-shirt. Vi har også fått inn noen 7" og Bestial vinyler. 150 kr inkl. porto for t-shirt og 7". 280 kr inkl. porto for t-shirt, 7" og Bestial vinyl. Alle ordre inkluderer en patch!**

In other news, we are still planning a 7" split with Urgehal, but unfortunately it has been delayed again and again... Hopefully it will be released sometime after summer.

17.03.2010 - Tour finished, but the show must go on - Inferno next!
....After 10 days and 10 gigs we returned to Norway pretty exhausted... A big hail goes out to both Shining and Svarttjern for a great tour, as well as all the maniacs who came to see us! All shows went great, but the gig in Berlin came out as the best this time, as it was packed to the edge with crazy Germans!

Hope to see some of you at the Inferno gig in a couple of weeks! It's been over a year since we last played in Norway, so we really think it will be worth to come and see!

Let darkness prevail... The day shall come when we will meet again!

We can also mention that a limited tour shirt will be sold at all the venues, including the Inferno Festival!!!

09.02.2010 - Inferno!
The last day for the upcoming Bestial Supremacy tour will take place at Norway's own Inferno Festival! Sarkom is scheduled to go on stage 19.15 at John Dee the last day. We promise a Hell of a gig, so don't miss it!!!

We can also mention that a limited tour shirt will be sold at all the venues, including the Inferno Festival!!!

10.01.2010 - Line up changes...
One of the founding members, Renton, has decided to quit his job as drummer for the band. However, a couple of upcoming 7" releases will still include his work as both drummer and songwriter, as this allready have been recorded. To replace Renton's seat behind the drums we have found our longtime friend J. Folkedal, which also handled the drums on our last tour. If he will join the band as a pemanent member is still undecided, but as for now, he will join the force at all our upcoming live performances!

We are very grateful for all the work and effort Renton has put into this band and wish him all the best for the future!

02.01.2010 - Bestial Supremacy across Europe 2010!
As the retarded fucker at Metal Maniac Agency ripped us off and the Bestial Supremacy tour last year got cancelled we feel that we have to make up for it! So now we will try again... Along with the suicidal maniacs of Shining and the black metal bashers of Svarttjern, we will do a short tour across Europe in March! A couple of more dates will be added soon! See you there; Expect no mercy!!!

Fri 5.3.10 - Oberhausen, Helvete, GER
Sat 6.3.10 - Erfurth, From Hell, GER
Sun 7.3.10 - Rotterdam, Baroeg, NL
Mon 8.3.10 - Biebob, Vosselaar, BEL
Tue 9.3.10 - Strasbourg, Laiterie, FR
Thu 11.3.10 - Müchen, Metropolis, GER
Fri 12.3.10 - Annaberg-Bucholz, Gleis 3, GER
Sat 13.3.10 - Berlin, K17, GER
Sun 14.3.10 - Zürich, Dynamo, CH

In other words, we can mention that we're planning a 7" split with Urgehal, hopefully in the near future... We are also working with material for our third album, so even though it's been a long time since any updates, Sarkom is certainly not dead!!!

12.08.2009 - TOUR CANCELLED!!!!
Tour cancelled!!! We are very dissapointed to announce that the upcoming Bestial Supremacy across Europe tour is cancelled!! We know that many fans out there were looking forward to see both us and the other bands, but non of us can be blamed, as this decision was forced to be taken as the fucker at Metal Maniac Agency by the name of Florin Sandor, screwed everything up! We promise that we will come stronger back next year, as a couple of tours allready are being planned!

Statement from Shining:


Swedish extreme metallers SHINING have today issued the following statement regarding the cancellation of the forthcoming European tour: “Due to the action, or rather the lack of action, of the Metal Maniac agency in Romania, who were booking the tour, SHINING is very disappointed to announce that the Devastating Europe 2009 tour is no longer able to go ahead. With only a few days to go before the tour was due to start, we discovered that some of the bands have still not received contracts, tour riders etc., and most disturbing of all, we found that there were no tour buses for the tour because the promoter, Florin Sandor, had not paid for them. Without transport, the bands cannot go anywherel. When we contacted the tour bus company, who, we stress, are completely blameless in all this, we found that not only had he not paid them, he had also not given them any details of the tour – bands, people travelling, itinerary etc. We can only speculate as to why he never bothered to give them even the most basic information. In addition to this we have still not received the promised funds to enable us to transport all our equipment from Sweden to the pick up point. Over the last few days all the bands have repeatedly been in contact with Sandor, and we have all received a litany of excuses, that have included everything from personal problems to venue cancellations, but despite asking him to please sort it out, he has made no attempt whatsoever to salvage the situation. It has now reached a point where he either keeps his phone switched off, or he just doesn’t answer. Things can go wrong, everyone knows that, and we have given him plenty of opportunity to try and make things right, but when it’s avoidable, which this was, and bands and fans have to suffer as a consequence, then it is unacceptable. Every single one of the bands on this tour were really looking forward to it, and are extremely disappointed that it had to come to this. Not only for ourselves, but also for the fans. We receive messages all the time from people saying how much they are looking forward to seeing us play, and we can only say to them that we will try our hardest to arrange something for the future. We stress that this is a blow to all the bands involved. Very few bands make a living, or even close to a living, out of their music. No band ever wants to cancel any live appearances, let alone a tour. Many people don’t realise just how damaging a cancellation actually is. The financial losses to a band in terms of merchandise sales, even more so when merch is produced specifically for a tour; preparation costs, hire of rehearsal rooms, and loss of revenue from other appearances that had to be turned down to accommodate a tour, are considerable, and something that most bands cannot afford. Additionally, most band members also have day jobs, and alternative arrangements have to be made. In a lot of circumstances these arrangements cannot be un-made, and members are unable to then take more time off to go on another tour. All this can have devastating effects, especially to any bands that have staked a lot both financially and promotionally on such a tour. The worrying thing is that this seems to be happening more and more often these days. Bands have to put their trust in promoters to do the job they’re supposed to do, when this trust is betrayed, it leaves a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth. We would suggest that anyone who has any queries regarding any aspect of this tour, they should contact Florin Sandor directly. His details, which at the time of writing were openly available on the Metal Maniac MySpace page, are as follows:

Florin Sandor
Phone + 40726260610

05.06.2009 - VINYLS!!!
Bestial Supremacy has finaly been released on vinyl! This is a limited edition of 666 copies, were 166 of them are RED/BLACK SPLATTER-VINYL. All the vinyls also include an A2 poster + a new version of the song from our demo, "Capture of a world's demise".

The 7" vinyl entitled "To ruin something that was never meant to be" has been released through Aftermath Music. It comes in a gatefold sleeve, includes a sticker and is limited to 500 handnumbered copies. Buy and die!!!! Check out the Merch section for more info.

05.05.2009 - Bestial Supremacy across Europe!
We are proud to announce that we once again will join forces with the Swedish madmen of Shining! Expect nothing but first class Norwegian black metal!!
Check out the live section for more info.

We can also mention that the 7" vinyl has been delayed, but it will hopefully be out in a few weeks!

23.03.2009 - Sarkom 7" vinyl out in April!
The Norwegian label Aftermath Music will release Sarkom's first 7" vinyl entitled "To ruin something that was never meant to be". It comes in gatefold sleeve, includes an ugly sticker and is limited to 500 copies! You can pre-order your copy here

We can also mention that the vinyl edition of "Bestial Supremacy - precision in pure darkness" is finally in the pressing plant and will be out very soon!

In other words, the recent tour went great! A big HAIL goes out to both Shining and Koldbrann, as well as all the maniacs we met at the venues; Hope to see you again soon! Some pictures can be seen at these pages:
Berlin, K-17, February 26, 2009
Engelsdorf, Hellraiser, February 28, 2009
Hamburg, Markthalle, February 25, 2009
Rotterdamn, Baroeg, March 01, 2009

We have also got some new merchandise! Check it out here!

For those who will be at the Ragnarök festival: Sarkom will be the last band out at Saturday, going on stage at 00.30. A signing session will be held the same day at 20.00.

09.02.2009 - One show added to the tour!
Hamar / Hydranten has been added to the upcoming Precision in pure darkness tour! This show will be without Shining, while Stillhet(NOR) will be the support act this night!

Unfortunately Renton can't join us on this tour, but there's nothing to fear! We have found a great substitude who definetely will beat the Hell out of the drums; Folkedal! Handling the bass will be Sgt. V.

If everything goes as planned, the vinyl version of "Bestial Supremacy - precision in pure darkness" will be out through Bloodred Horizon Records in time before the tour, and a limited tourshirt will be sold at all the venues, as well as lots of other new merchandise!

See you soon; Expect no mercy!!!
Check out the live section for more info.

09.01.2009 - Precision In Pure Darkness - tour 2009
Along with Shining and Koldbrann Sarkom will do a smaller tour 25th February - 4th March! Check out the live section for more info. Hell awaits!!!!

17.11.2008 - Norge!
Da er Bestial Supremacy ute også her til lands! Vi følger opp med releasekonsert i Asker førstkommende fredag (fri aldersgrense og rusfritt!) og Elm Street/Oslo på lørdag. For anledningen vil det også bli solgt en eksklusiv Koldbrann / Sarkom t-shirt. Møt opp for en kveld med rusten black metal!

14.11.2008 - New album - New Website!
Finally it`s here! Visit your local metal store and get your hands on a copy of Bestial Supremacy! Cant find it?? Buy it here! The first reviews have started to come in, check it out here.

As you can see, we have also launched a new website. Feel free to link us up using these banners.

24.10.2008 - Inferior Bleeding music video!
We have shot a music video for Inferior Bleeding, the opening track from our upcoming album. Check it out!! Brilliant executed by Øyvind Manskow and Oddbjørn Hofseth.

20.10.2008 - 2 x release party!
As earlier announced, Bestial Supremacy will be out November 14th. Along with Koldbrann we will play at Radar in Asker(No age limit!!!) 21.10 and at Elm Street/Oslo with Koldbrann and Svarttjern the day after. Black Metal Hell Nights!!!

Sarkom has also been confirmed for the Ragnarök Festival in Germany in April.

At the upcoming gig with Taake, S. Johnskareng(Koldbrann) will once again be handling the bass. This night will be a bit special, with both guest appereance and a couple of cover songs, so don't miss it!!

Seidemann(1349) will help us out with the bass at the release party gigs.