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Date: Country/City: Place: Comment:
05.03.2010 Germany, Oberhausen Helvete With Shining and Svarttjern
06.03.2010 Germany, Erfurth From Hell With Shining and Svarttjern
07.03.2010 Netherlands, Rotterdam Baroeg With Shining and Svarttjern
08.03.2010 Belgia, Biebob Vosselaar With Shining and Svarttjern
09.03.2010 France, Strasbourg Laiterie With Shining and Svarttjern
10.03.2010 Germany, Ludwigsburg Rockfabrik With Shining and Svarttjern
11.03.2010 Germany, München Metropolis With Shining and Svarttjern
12.03.2010 Germany, Annaberg-Bucholz Gleis 3 With Shining and Svarttjern
13.03.2010 Germany, Berlin K17 With Shining and Svarttjern
14.03.2010 Switzerland, Zürich Dynamo With Shining and Svarttjern
03.04.2010 Norway, Oslo John Dee Inferno Festival

Date: Country/City: Place: Comment:
17.04.2009 Germany Ragnarök Festival With Melechesh, Thyrfing etc..

Precision In Pure Darkness
Tour with Shining and Koldbrann

Date: Country/City: Place: Comment:
25.02.2009 Germany Marx, Hamburg With Shining and Koldbrann
26.02.2009 Germany K17, Berlin With Shining and Koldbrann
27.02.2009 Germany Helvete, Oberhausen With Shining and Koldbrann
28.02.2009 Germany Hellraiser, Leipzig With Shining and Koldbrann
01.03.2009 Netherlands Baroeg, Rotterdam With Shining and Koldbrann
02.03.2009 France Glaz’Art, Paris With Shining and Koldbrann
03.03.2009 Switzerland Dynamo Werk21, Zürich With Shining and Koldbrann
04.03.2009 Germany Steinbruch Theater, Darmstadt With Shining and Koldbrann
07.03.2009 Norway Hydranten, Hamar With Koldbrann and Stillhet

Date: Country/City: Place: Comment:
22.11.2008 Oslo/Norway Elm Street With Koldbrann
21.11.2008 Asker/Norway Radar With Koldbrann
31.10.2008 Oslo/Norway South of Heaven With Taake
16.08.2008 Germany barther-metal-openair With Svartahrid, Negura Bunget etc..
01.09.2007 Norway,Kopervik Hellion with Koldbrann
31.08.2007 Norway,Sandnes Tribute with Koldbrann
13.07.2007 Austria Kaltenbach-openair with Dark Funeral, Vader etc.
04.04.2007 Norway, Oslo Amplifier with Urgehal
12.01.2007 Norway,Asker Club 3 with Urgehal + Regin
16.12.2006 Norway,Tønsberg Hammerslag festival with Zyklon, Kampfar, Malsain etc...

Awaking The Origin of Satan´s Empire
Tour with Koldbrann, Negator + Support

Date: Country: Town: Venue:
05.10.2006 Germany Hamburg Markthalle
06.10.2006 Germany Trier Exhaus
07.10.2006 Germany Leipzig Hellraizer
08.10.2006 The Netherlands Arnheim Goudvishal
09.10.2006 Germany Essen Turock
10.10.2006 Germany Berlin K 17
11.10.2006 Austria Wien Monestery
12.10.2006 Switzerland Zürich Dynamo Werk21
13.10.2006 Germany Waltershausen Kufa
14.10.2006 Germany Annaberg-Buchholz Asgard Club
16.10.2006 Norway Oslo** Amplifier
**Without Koldbrann and Negator. Support: Fatal Demeanor

Date: Country: Venue: Comment:
19.08.2006 Germany barther-metal-openair With Koldbrann, Helheim, Master etc..